What is a good relationship?

A lot of people ask me, what is a good relationship? All I can say, from my experience, I mean cooking… A good relationship is just like cooking. It requires seasoning. Just like salt and peper, they compliment each other and bring out their goodness. Both of them cannot survive without one another. Perfect match. Just like sweet and sour, some people might don’t like something that is too sweet or too sour. If it’s too sour, we add some sweetness to it. Sweet or Sour, both can’t exist on its own. Or else it will be too much. These flavors help each other and to fulfill the other half weakness. Just like chilli and milk, when the flavor of pepper is just too vigrous, milk can help comfort the hot flavour.
If a relationship can do all these seasonings, then this will be a good dish. And this is what we call a good relationship.
So.. how do we keep a relationship going smoothly without many turbulence? The answer is.. No way in hell you can do that! Because a good relationship, there must be fighting. Relationship is just an electrocardiogram, there must be ups and downs… If it’s a flat diagram, how can you call it a relationship? There is no life in your relationship… So accept one each other when fighting, like… there’s a saying. A good relationship is not just how happy you are with each other, it’s about accepting each other imperfectness. 
A friend of mine read an article somewhere on how to deal with when a couple fight. The article is about a guy who was an actor, had a fight with his other half. When the argument goes to a never-ending or a dead end. He will just shout “CUT!!”, “This part’s outcome is not what we want, let’s start this part all over again.”, then.. they start the argument again, until a mutual solution come up eventually. I was impressed, I never could have thought that a relationship can be like this. And I think if everyone could try to use this method, that would solve many problems.
Treat life and relationship casually, the best way to maintain a relationship, is actually treat each other as a friend rather as a lover. Why is that? Becuase lover does give each other seriousness. If two people treat each other seriously, there will be no fun at all. No jokes, no laughters. It will be just like a flat electrocardiogram. No life at all. Treat each other as best friends. Only best friends can tease each other, and don’t even mind them at all. 
Hope those who read my article can have a deeper understanding of what a relationship is. And I wish you all a good day 🙂

About Royce

A person who likes to think and think a lot... I like hanging out at places that is peaceful and quiet(which helps thinking). I draw and I write blogs occasionally. Feel free to look around in my little world. You might find something you like!
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