So… I’ve been watching a Pixar movie called Brave. And honestly, I keep re-watching over and over again.. Not just because of the plot. But also the music.. I’ve been addicted to Celtic Music for a while.. I adore Celtic Music.

Brave is by far the only tradition-breaking Disney movie of all time in my humble opinion. I mean.. What do you first think of when you see a Disney movie? Love? Princess? Prince? True Love? Evil witch? Kill the evil, Save the beauty, Save the world? Singing?

Well.. I can tell you.. Brave got none of these.. Not even a single one of them.. Merida, the princess in the movie. Searching for freedom instead of true love. She plays Archery instead of singing. She saved her mom instead of being saved by a handsome prince. The movie is about her bond between she and her mom instead of love relationship. Not even a bit love is mentioned in the movie. Well.. Of course family love is included though..

I am really impressed and touched too at the same time. I cried everytime at the end when Merida says “I love you” to her mom, when she thought her mom can’t be saved at last… I shed tears like a girl… I’m not even embarrassed to cry, because honestly… Everyone does…

The music is another thing I like about the movie.. It’s not just a normal Disney love song.. It’s Celtic music! Those music are about life, fate, hope. They preserved the Scotland tradition. Even though it’s just a cartoon for child.. For all age I’ll say…

And sometimes, I kinda think me and Merida has some resemblance too. She is stuck in a “Jail”, the castle, forced to learn and married to someone because of tradition. Me, myself.. Am too, stuck in my home, forced to learn something I’m not even found of.. I am too, searching for freedom.. If only my parents will just listen.. My parents are just like Elinor, Merida’s mom, the Queen… Won’t listen no matter what.. Guess I need a spell cake to turn them into a Bear, right??!!

Anyway… I really recommend you guys to watch Brave, if you haven’t seen it… If you did.. Well… Watch it again.. It’s worth re-watching.

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A person who likes to think and think a lot... I like hanging out at places that is peaceful and quiet(which helps thinking). I draw and I write blogs occasionally. Feel free to look around in my little world. You might find something you like!
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