Sketching 20

So… This is my 20th sketching. Never could have thought I could reach this far.. I mean.. At first I take up sketching just for a bobby reason, now it became my shelter, a screen to display my deepest thought, a channel to realise my deepest emotion. Although I’m still a ameture and I still have a lot to learn. My Sketchings have already brightened people’s eyes. Your amazed gives me power and courage to keep sketching and try new styles. You guys are the best and I really appreciate you all readers for supporting me. Thank you!

And to my one and only love, if you are reading this.. I just want to say, you are the reason why I sketch, and you made me found myself. And I love you, I love you so much… I’m right here. Waiting, and I believe one day we’ll be together forever.

Think I missed something in this sketching… Guess I was too occupided thinking about her… Well, even so… Enjoy! Perhaps the little mistake might making the sketching more interesting right? XD

Copyright ©2015 Royce25743. All Rights Reserved.


About Royce

A person who likes to think and think a lot... I like hanging out at places that is peaceful and quiet(which helps thinking). I draw and I write blogs occasionally. Feel free to look around in my little world. You might find something you like!
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