Nice guys finish last

Which is always true.. I’ve been there.. Still there….

Take me for example, I’m in love with a girl who is loving someone else. And that someone else, that guy, is married. So what that means, that guy first of all, is an asshole. And yet.. an asshole can get married and has 2 women at the same time. Me? A nice guy, who didn’t take any advantages Of her even when she came to my house and on my bed. We just cuddled together…

So this proves what? Girls like asshole.. Simple as that… Because it’s dangerous, it’s exciting… Most girls like to be another women, and guys like to cheat on their women. Which makes me worried.. What have happened to our world..

Being a nice guy is no fun for girls, being a nice guy is boring for them. They will just think of you as their guy best friend, or let me rephrase that.. Friendzone, that’s what it is…

I did speak to her. When I told her that I like her at the first place, she did say she likes me too.. And she told me to wait for her, until their short relationship ends. Then we can be together….

And that got me thinking, will she think of us as one of her short-term relationship too? She is that kind of girl who cheats, is it worth it? Will she do the same to me? For me, I love her.. And she has feelings on me.. Should I wait for her? I have already lost interest on other girls.. I don’t want to search for another girl… What should I do?

I tried to stay away from her. I tried to break our friendship just so I can forget her. Because everytime I see her or be with her, I’ll start loving her again or loving her even more.. There’s a saying, the best way to forget is to ignore. But we see each other almost every day, we are close friends, and all out classmates expect us sticking like glue, and we do… That makes us even more awkward.. 

People think that I’ve gone too far, even she thinks I’ve gone too far… She wants us to be friends meanwhile… But this is a nice guy will do, can’t get it then leave it… Things can only be turned out in 2 ways, either lovers or nothing.. Want to stay in between that’s called Greed.. Personally, I think she is greedy, if a guy told you that he loves you, but yet got refused, it will be awkward to stay.. The best way is really, just stay away.. This is what a nice guy does.. To stop the awkwardness, to let you focus on your current relationship.

A nice guy who really loves you will let you go just to see you happy. He will stay away from your life just to see you smile. He will not interfere your relationship, because seeing you happy, he’s already won. He’s already happy when you are happy.

This is what a good guy does. Yet not many girls understand that.. If a girl does, well… She is the right girl for you then. She will be the one. Because she is too a nice girl. I wonder where she is right now…. I’m waiting… Still…. Waiting….

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About Royce

A person who likes to think and think a lot... I like hanging out at places that is peaceful and quiet(which helps thinking). I draw and I write blogs occasionally. Feel free to look around in my little world. You might find something you like!
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