My little gift

Since my parents don’t usually gift me presents, I decided to treat myself a little Christmas joy. I am always have been a Harry Potter fans. And for your information, I am a proud Slytherin, got my result from Pottermore of course. What kind of a Harry Potter fans without a wand… So I’m getting myself a wand this Christmas. Whose wand am I getting? Snape’s. Why? Because he is my favorite character in the story, and  we both do have a bit resemblances. He and I are both kinda lonely, we love the person that can’t be ours. We both willing to die for love, true love. His wand is the perfect choice. And we are both Slytherin as well!

It costs almost 500 Hong Kong dollars to buy one online with shipping cost. It’s very expensive. I’m at the 200 dollars mark. I think I should have enough by the end of December. Hope I could get it soon.

Speaking of Christmas present… Even though my parents haven’t got me one, Judit has.. She made me a beanie and maybe a scarf as my birthday and Christmas gift! It looks awesome!! She will be sending me the beanie soon. She is really a keeper. However, there are obstacles nonetheless…

All I know she loves me, I love her.. That’s enough for me so far at this circumstances. I can’t be there in the Netherlands to celebrate her birthday in person. But I will next year, I will save enough money for a trip. And for once, I actually am going to fight for something I don’t want to let go. I wasn’t like that you know…. I changed…

Is that a good thing? Maybe it is..


About Royce

A person who likes to think and think a lot... I like hanging out at places that is peaceful and quiet(which helps thinking). I draw and I write blogs occasionally. Feel free to look around in my little world. You might find something you like!
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