Just a quick mobile writing… Since I’m drunk at the moment..

What can I say about 2015… It’s been a bumpy year. Left someone who broke my heart. Changed my major subject. I’m 24, still studying, jobless. It’s been a depressing year. But, I met someone special, who came out from nowhere and accompanying me the year. Judit, she is just beautiful. My angel and my blessings. I can’t live without her. And I love her so much.

Discovered my hobbies as well, drawing. A skill I would never thought I can do it. And I proved it myself, that the most unexpected talent you have, is actually something yo have never thought it would be. Go on discover yourself. You would be surprised by yourself.

Fell in love with Celtic music, got myself a couple of life goals. Which I said it in my Bucket List post.

I’m not sure what will happen in 2016. But as a science major student, I have faith in a theory called Murphy’s Law. Which stated that things that can happen, will happen eventually. Maybe I could move to the Netherlands and meet Judit. Maybe I could marry her. Maybe we can actually share a life with each other. Who knows. Or maybe, none of these will happen. Because it’s one of the possibilities as well. Right?

Anyway, Happy New Years from Hong Kong… Stay healthy, stay safe. Back to my whiskey….


About Royce

A person who likes to think and think a lot... I like hanging out at places that is peaceful and quiet(which helps thinking). I draw and I write blogs occasionally. Feel free to look around in my little world. You might find something you like!
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