37 hours

It’s been 37 hours I haven’t slept until at this moment…. Been having serious insomnia lately. I think the main reason is I miss Judit so much that I can’t sleep at night these few months. And then I am becoming tired in the daytime, so I take naps often. This result me getting wide awake at night. After months of this circle jerk habits, my biological clock got reset. I have officially shifted my sleeping schedule. Funny that I can now move to any western countries without jet lag. I became a night owl now, like.. for real..

This is not a good thing in some ways.. And it’s not healthy.. I know that.. I want to change it. But.. god, I miss her so much these months. A part of me understand, if I want my normal life back, I have to move on. And a huge of me, don’t want to. Time doesn’t really heal, you only get use to the pain. I’m trying, so bad…

Judit is now in Winter Sport in France I think.. Skiing and all that.. I’m jealous as well. She has a lot of trips and I can’t even get one. We talked about she coming to visit. But it’s just weird because of our current complicated situation. I need a good night sleep tonight.. Or else, I’m going to breakdown.

Anyway, how are you my fellow WordPress readers? Hope you are doing well today… At least something good maybe.. I’m having a shitty time these months. I’m actually getting more and more depressed. I will try to deal with it with my very best…

Have a great day, stay healthy, stay safe!



About Royce

A person who likes to think and think a lot... I like hanging out at places that is peaceful and quiet(which helps thinking). I draw and I write blogs occasionally. Feel free to look around in my little world. You might find something you like!
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