How are you my fellow blog reader? Hope you are doing fine… I’m not, as usual…

First of all, today’s WordPress daily prompt is kinda too much for me. I don’t think I’ll write a speech for that. Not in the mood….

Perhaps you may notice, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. If you have your significant other, I wish you all the best. If not, I feel you, and I totally understand how you feel. I personally hate Valentine’s day more than any days in the year. Reasons of course I don’t have someone to be with. Judit is in Netherlands, we can’t be together. She has her life, and here I am, regret that I can’t be there. I’m in the wrong place wrong time. I can’t even sleep properly, lovesick is haunting me right now. And I’ll be even worse tomorrow.

I bought a bottle of vodka though. Planning to get me through the weekends. It’s really hard being alone… We used to be so close together, now we are becoming more distant, our life is getting more busy and complicated. I still love her though. Nothing can change that. I just wish I could get my mind off… Seems it’s kinda impossible at the moment.

Speaking of heartbreak, my friend Melanie is going through hard times as well. She just officially broke up with her 1.5 year boyfriend few days ago. She has been crying for days. And I spent a few days to comfort her as well. I understand her feelings. I am doing my very best to be there for her. She is feeling lonely and abandoned. I hereby wish her all the best. She doesn’t really deserve this, she deserves better. And her ex, is just a jerk….

Anyway, I’m feeling lonely, abandoned, desperate and depressed. Plus the insomnia and lovesick I’m having.. I don’t think I could survive the weekends. I’m drinking that bottle of vodka for sure. I need that… Not that I’m an alcoholic, I just need something to get through the day that’s all.

Well, speaking of which, I now saved around $3000 for my trip to London/Netherlands. Which is around 1/5 of the target budget. There are a lot temptations around though. Been really hungry as well.. I saved all these money from skipping meals.. The new Harry Potter book is coming, and I really want to pre-order it. There are a lot of things I want to buy too, and I really want to spend all I have to buy them. Fortunately, I still have my self-control. I don’t think I can hold it much longer though.. We’ll see….

Oh well, just another depressing day.. Hope you have a nice day and please please, treasure your significant other whenever you can. You have no idea how lucky you are to have someone there for you. People like me going through tough times is just painful.. Anyway, wish you all the best. Stay healthy, stay safe. (Here’s a toast to your health)


About Royce

A person who likes to think and think a lot... I like hanging out at places that is peaceful and quiet(which helps thinking). I draw and I write blogs occasionally. Feel free to look around in my little world. You might find something you like!
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