Morticia Addams once said, “Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.”

A random topic I saw on internet and it caught my eyes. It turned out to be quite a debate between a random person and I. In the next few paragraphs, I’m going to copy paste the whole debate(not very long) in here. I think it’s a good topic to think of for you all readers.

Here are the statement from that random person:

“Just because it’s subjective doesn’t make it an illusion. Normal exists, it includes the natural, sensible and expected actions and behaviours of all living species. We, humans, for instance, at an almost total majority, act and live similarly (of course this “similar” varies quite a bit, we’re not identical). Normal is defined by each living form, and values for this particular form. We though,are intelligent enough to be able to realise that normal is such a relative to each of the species word.” – Stratos Katsikeros

So…. What is Normal? What is the definition of Normal? Is Normal really an illusion?

I then started a debate with him….

Here is my response:

“Well I’m not disagreeing, but I would say Normal is defined by the majority of people’s subjective sense. For example, wearing cloths in public is an idea accepted by the majority therefore it is classified as “Normal”. But for some people, they would rather choose going naked. Like nude beach. Now let me ask, is it normal? Time, sense of time is considered normal because we’ve been using time as measurement for thousands of years. But time, doesn’t exist. We created this measurement, primitive animals don’t use it. Is time an illusion? In my opinion, yes, Normal is an illusion. We create our values of being Normal. Normal is basically the majority human’s subjectivity based on common value. Which means it is still imaginative. It physically doesn’t exist. We think it exists. Our Normal is chaos for any other species on Earth. But like I said in every situation, “There is no right or wrong in any statement or situation, it’s a matter of Perspective.”
Anyway, this is just my side of perspective, doesn’t mean I’m right to some people. Does that mean I’m not normal? Again… :)”

Pretty interesting so far right?

ok, here is his response:

“People hanging at nudity beaches.. totally cool with that, you can however easily call it abnormal, since it is not corresponding to the usual behaviour of the vast majority. Yes, I think we agree that Normal is a convention of the human kind, but you can’t call it an illusion to the human kind, since we live with it! It might be an illusion for an objective observer of the universe, but not for a creature on a planet. Now, as for the ”illusion” of time, if it actually was a human convention then the universe would not age, and it’s celestial formations would remain unchanged! Time is actually the reason behind gradual process and alteration in the universe. Still an abstract, hard to be captured by the human mind concept, but nonetheless, existing. Since the existence of the universe cannot be called an illusion -at least, to the earth-living creatures-, I believe that like anything else we humans can feel, see, understand and create, meanings like Normality, made by us, can be deemed real existences in the observable and understandable world we know. And it’s regarding physical form at a great extent, because some existing physical standards as a result of historical and biological route can’t be denied…” – Stratos Katsikeros

Now things starting to get a bit more interesting and intense… He made a pretty good counter argument. But here is my response to that:

“We live with an idea, that’s already an illusion. Because ideas can be infused. Take Inception as an example, I can give you an idea that is not exist but you might live with it for the rest of your life. Sense of “time” doesn’t exist. We create it, infused it into our lives to make our life easier. But time IS an illusion. Universe exists yes, but time doesn’t. It’s an unit created by human. There was an experiment that scientists not teaching a child the concept of time since he was born. He is still living fine and well. So no, although we think sense of time is normal. But to that boy, time doesn’t exist and that’s normal for him. This just proves that Time is an illusion human been using for a long time.
An idea majority thinks it’s exist and normal, really doesn’t mean it’s normal. The original post of this statement states that Normal is an illusion, is a valid statement. One man’s normal is another man’s chaos is true as well. No matter how many of the majority think an idea as normal, is never really normal. Because of the concept of Inception. And just because the majority agrees on something to be normal, doesn’t have to be normal. How many people success in this world just because they are different. They don’t see the way of majority sees things. In fact, jumping out of the box thinking, divergent thinking. Unfortunately is considered as abnormal, because no one thinks like that. All I’m just saying is that, the definition of “Normal” is not really black and white. Therefore, it is an idea. And an idea, is, an illusion. Because an idea can be infused. Can be altered. Can be persist. There are so many states of an idea. That no one, can say that, what is absolute Normal. Hope this clears things up a bit.”

Well well well, unfortunately, he hasn’t replied after this…. But so far, it has been an interesting and pretty exciting debate. I wish there were more people participate in this debate. But oh well…

Anyway, what’s your opinion about Normal then? A really good topic for any discussion if you need one spending time with your friends 😀


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